What to Look for in a Video Production Company

What to Look for in a Video Production Company

In a recent post, we talked about just how powerful product videos can be. They can improve your brand image, your sales and your conversion, and they can make a marked difference on your bottom line. But one thing we didn’t talk about was how to go about creating those great videos and, most importantly, how to find the right video production company to handle them.

In a big Metroplex like Dallas-Fort Worth, video production groups are literally a dime a dozen. This can be a benefit (you have lots of choices), and it can also be a burden (those choices aren’t always well-qualified.) If you want to make sure your product videos are as powerful and impactful as they can possibly be, you need to be careful in choosing who provides them for you.

Specifically, you should look for these traits in a video production company:

  • Experience with products – Creating videos of people and places is one thing, but creating videos of products is a whole different ball game. It requires more creativity, more specific lighting and a deft hand in editing in order to tell the product’s story correctly. If you want your videos to be great, you want to choose a production team that has extensive experience in shooting products – not just live-action videos of landscapes, scenery or people. Be sure to request a portfolio or samples, and see their past videos for yourself before you hire anyone.
  • Their own studio – Don’t choose a production team that operates out of their own house or on the go. You want someone who has a space of their own where you can shoot your product, capture B-roll, check out your video in editing, or just sit down for a consultation if you need to. Teams with their own studios are typically more successful than others (they have more money to spend) and they tend to have more (and better) equipment, simply because they have the space to store it. All of this can benefit you and your brand in the long run.
  • Photography abilities – The best type of video production team is one that can also handle your photography, too. This allows you to have a consistent look and feel throughout all your media and collateral, and it helps you keep costs low and efficiency high. They can shoot your products when a new line comes in, head-shots of new employees for your website, or even lifestyle shots for your advertising or marketing campaigns. It makes for a valuable and convenient relationship for both parties.

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