4 Product Photography Tips for Clothing Retailers

4 Product Photography Tips for Clothing Retailers

Clothing retailers have a unique product. Unlike most stores, which sell tangible goods that buyers need or use, clothing retailers offer something that will be physically worn by the shopper. Because of this, their product photography needs to not just give shoppers enough detail to evaluate the clothing item, it also needs to frame the clothing in a way that makes shoppers want the product and imagine themselves wearing it.

It’s a tall order – especially for retailers trying to DIY it.

Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow that can make clothing product photography significantly more effective. If you’re an online clothing retailer, try these quick tips at your own store:

  • Use models or mannequins – There’s nothing less exciting then limp clothes strewn about the floor. If you want shoppers to imagine how the clothes look on, how they accentuate the body, and how they fit, you need to show them. If you can afford it, hire one or two models for your product photography shoot. If that’s too pricy, invest in a good mannequin to model the clothing. You can usually edit these mannequins out in post-production, but at least they give your clothing some body and shape.
  • Style away – Remember you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a look. For this reason, you need to really focus on styling. You might only be selling a shirt, but if you want that shirt to look its best, accessorize it with a great pair of jeans, some jewelry, a hat and more. You should also ensure your models have hair and makeup to match the feel of your clothes. If you’re selling workout gear, give them a more natural, subtle and laid-back look. If you’re selling ball gowns, a full face of makeup and an up-do may work better.
  • Hire a pro – If you want the best product photography possible – no matter what type of product you sell – it’s always best to enlist the help of a pro. Not only do they have the experience and know-how necessary to make your clothing look great, they also have studio space and equipment – something that’s very hard to come by when you DIY it.
  • Watch your background –Most photographers will use a simple, solid white or black backdrop when shooting clothing items. This allows the pieces to really pop on the screen, and it puts all the focus on the product, taking away any distractions for the buyer.

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