Image Alive books in two ways: One-time projects (following the pricing listed below) and also a monthly retainer. Every shoot and relationship is unique and these prices can go up or down depending on your specific needs.     


Professional Product Photography


Booking and setup is $350 and then photos are priced per image after that.

1-5 images = $75.00 per photo

6-10 images = $60.00 per photo

11-30 images = $49.00 per photo

31-100 images = $39.00 per photo

101-200 images = $35.00 per photo

201-300 images = $30.00 per photo

301-1,000 images = $25.00 per photo

1,000+ = contact


  • Standard cleaning and prep work.

  • Retouching minor flaws.

  • Isolated on pure white background.

  • Cropped and sized for your site.

Not Included:

Compositing, custom sets, advanced photoshop, models, props.



One spin station with a pro spin photographer is rented at $1200 per day and then each spin is $100 after that. 

Since the station is rented, we are free to do anything you need for the day.  That can include:

  • Cleaning and prep work.

  • Stills edited and pulled from the spin.

  • Social media GIFs.

  • Custom animations.

  • 12-72 image sequences.

  • Live HTML spin previews.

  • Isolated on a pure white background.

  • Cropped and optimized for your site.





Everything else that we shoot (lifestyle, video work, animations, etc.) is calculated around a $2400 day rate. Again, this is not a hard fast rule but more like an average from a typical shoot for us. Each shoot is priced differently these types of projects are typically budget based. Meaning, as you increase the budget, we increase the production value. We will fly from helicopters and have big explosions if you let us.

Now offering discounted rates for businesses in the family. Check out our family plan to learn more.   



Some brands are better off on a monthly retainer. This can solve a lot of problems and save a lot of money. Check out the family plan to see if a monthly relationship is right for you.