Why Clothing Retailers Need 360 Product Photography

Why Clothing Retailers Need 360 Product Photography

We’ve said it before: 360 product photography can be a boom to sales no matter what industry you’re in. It can improve your conversions, it can reduce your return rates, and it can increase your revenues across the board. But although you can enjoy these benefits regardless of what type of product you sell, there’s one sector in particular that can see exceptional gains, and that’s the clothing industry.


Selling clothing and wearable accessories online can be difficult. In the real world, shoppers will touch, feel and even try on the items before they purchase them, so they can be absolutely sure the product meets their needs, fits them and is worth the cash. When selling clothing online, this type of tactile interaction just isn’t possible. But, with 360 product photography on your side, you can at least come pretty close.

With 360 product photography, you can give shoppers a way to virtually interact with the clothing and accessories they’re considering. While they obviously can’t try it on or model it in front of a mirror, they can view it at every angle, zoom in on details and accents, and get familiar with the colors, fabrics and other more intricate parts of the product. Ultimately, this allows them to better evaluate the piece in relation to their needs, and it helps them feel more comfortable putting down their cold hard cash for something they’ve yet to try on or even touch.

In the online world, selling clothingcan be difficult There are a lot of hurdles to overcome, and return/exchange rates are often high, increasing your costs and lowering your customer satisfaction. Though 360 product photography isn’t the end-all be-all solution; it can certainly help improve your customers’ shopping experience and your sales on the whole.


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