Show, Don’t Tell with 360 Product Photography

Show, Don’t Tell with 360 Product Photography

You’ve heard that old saying “actions speak louder than words,” right? Well, it’s true – not just in life, but in the online business world, too. You can tell customers about how great your products are, write the most intriguing descriptions possible, or market them through social media or blogs until you’re blue in the face, but none of those will be as effective as actually showing them just how great the product really is.

But how do you do that, when all you have is a website and a screen to connect you and your customers? You could Skype with each potential customer and give them a live demo of your product. But do you really have the time and resources for that? In truth, there’s only one real way to do it: implement 360 product photography.



360 product photography lets you show customers, not just tell them, how great your products are. It gives you a way to deliver a lifelike “in-store” experience, without requiring them to ever set foot outside their house! They can interact with the product, spin in, zoom in on details and get as familiar with it as they need to in order to feel comfortable making the purchase.

In the end 360 product photography can deliver not only a better shopping experience for your customers, but also higher conversions for your site, a lower return rate, and more sales for your business in the long run. It’s a win-win for both parties.



Want to improve your customer’s experience, and show – not tell – them just how much they need your products? Then consider implementing 360 product photography. Contact the Image Alive team today to get a glimpse of your products in action, or to schedule a free consultation!