Integrating Video Production into Photography Shoots

Integrating Video Production into Photography Shoots

Many business owners are hesitant to hop on board with product videos, simply because they think video production and all the costs that come with it are just too expensive. The truth is, as long as you choose the right photographer, product videos shouldn’t cost you all that much more than static product shots. The key is simply finding the right photographer.


A truly great photographer can integrate video production seamlessly into an existing product photo shoot. They’ll have the proper video equipment on hand, and they’ll be able to alternate static shots with video clips, all at the same, singular shoot.

This not only saves you an immense amount of money (you’re paying for one shoot instead of two), it also ensures your product photos and videos get shot and produced quickly, so you can start utilizing them to increase sales. Additionally, it also make the video production and photoshoot process easier on everyone; instead of scheduling and coordinating two separate shoots, you only need to manage one, all-encompassing shoot that meets all your needs at once.

As a bonus, you also get an additional marketing tool for your products. While static images can go a long way in selling your products, videos can go the extra mile. They can give more detail, they can help with mobile sales, and they can simply make your products more tempting to the customer.


Do you need to schedule a product photoshoot in the near future? If so, you may want to consider integrating video production into it, and killing two birds with one stone. Then, you’ll have powerful, professional product images, as well as interactive, impressive video clips to complement them.

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