How to Choose a Filmmaker for Your Product Videos

How to Choose a Filmmaker for Your Product Videos

Product videos are a great way to amp up your online store and increase sales of your products across the board. They give customers a more intimate look at your offerings, and they allow them to take in details and learn information they just couldn’t from a static photo or image. Additionally, product videos are great for mobile users. They show up crisp and clean on that tiny smartphone screen, ensuring each and every customer gets the details they need to evaluate the product and make a purchase.

To reap the benefits of product videos, however, you have to first ensure your videos are high quality. DIYing your videos or hiring an amateur to do them won’t do the trick; it will just make you look unprofessional, and it will turn off customers in an instant. If you want to integrate product videos into your website, hiring a professional filmmaker is a definite must.

Not sure how to choose the right filmmaker for your videos? Follow these tips:

  • Look for experience. First and foremost, you want to look for experience. Experience in video production and, more importantly, experience in product promotion. They should have extensive knowledge about how to present products in the best light, how to position and stage them, what angles to use and more, and they should have ample experience in shooting product photos as well as videos.
  • Check out their samples. Always take a minute to look at a pro’s samples before hiring them. Check out any videos they have on their website, look through their product image portfolio, or email them and ask them for examples, if you can’t find any online. Chances are, if they’re worth their weight, they’ll be happy to show off the great-looking videos and images they’ve shot.
  • Get a free consultation. Be sure to schedule a consultation with the filmmaker before moving forward. (Most will offer these for free.) This will allow you to get a feel for their style, their work ethic, and their ideas for your brand. You want to make sure the two of you will jive and be able to work together seamlessly to produce a great product.

Do you want to improve your online store and increase your product sales? Then consider implementing product videos on your site. Contact The Image Alive team today for a free consultation, and to learn more about how product videos can improve your brand.