6 Signs You Should Invest in a Fort Worth Photographer

6 Signs You Should Invest in a Fort Worth Photographer

Many small businesses and ecommerce companies try to take on too much. They try to design their own website, they attempt to handle their own PR, and they even resort to taking their own product photos, headshots and other imagery. In the end, the quality of all these ventures ends of suffering, simply because those handling them just aren’t experienced or knowledgeable enough. The truth is, it’s almost always more beneficial to defer to a professional in these arenas, as they’ll be able to deliver a higher quality, more polished product that will impress customers and improve sales.

This is especially true when it comes to photography. Hiring a professional Fort Worth photographer is absolutely preferable to handling it on your own or letting an amateur staff member take the reins. Why? Because that photography is the face of your company. A professional can ensure it looks great, it instills confidence in your customers and it inspires sales.

Not sure if you need to invest in a Fort Worth photographer at your business just yet? Here are 6 signs you definitely do:

  1. You’re taking your own product photos. This is number 1. If you’re taking your own product photos or having an amateur staff member handle them, then it’s definitely time to hire a pro. The quality of your images is suffering, and it’s likely impacting your customer leads, sales and revenues.
  2. Your online store isn’t performing as well as it should. Online shopping is hugely successful nowadays. If your site isn’t following suit, you can bet there’s something wrong with your product photos. They’re either not portraying your products in the right light, they’re not high-quality enough, or customers can’t gather enough info from them. Either way, you need to make a change – and a Fort Worth photographer can help.
  3. Your products are highly detailed. If your products have a lot of detail, buttons, accessories or other add-ons, then you need photography that’s going to ensure customers can see all that – otherwise they won’t feel comfortable buying it. While there’s not much you can do on your own, a professional photographer, on the other hand, can offer you 360 photography for your products. This can allow customers to interact with your products and get up-close-and-personal with each and every detail. Ultimately, it can increase your sales and leads, and reduce your return rates.
  4. You’re creating a product catalog or brochure. Catalogs and brochures need to look as professional and polished as possible. They’ll be handed out to potential customers and business partners, and they’ll be the comprehensive guide to you brand and products. If you want it to look its absolute best, then it’s imperative you enlist a professional Fort Worth photographer to handle the imagery. Amateur  photos in your catalog will only make your brand look low-quality, and they’ll turn off customers and potential sales in an instant.
  5. You have a number of photography needs. Taking one or two photos on your own, or having a staff member do a few headshots is one thing, but putting them in charge of multiple photography projects is a huge mistake. If you know your company has ample photography needs – like product shots, headshots for your website, lifestyle shots for advertising, etc. – then you definitely need to invest in a pro. They’ll be able to ensure consistency throughout all images, and they’ll be able to make your brand look its absolute best every time.
  6. You’re on a tight deadline. If you need quick turnaround on your photos, then using an amateur is never a smart move. They won’t have an efficient system down, they won’t be able to shoot, edit and produce your photos in a timely manner, and you’ll end up behind deadline in the end. By hiring a pro, on the other hand, you can rest assured your photos will get done on time and in a professional, high-quality way. They’ll have an organized system down for setting up, shooting and editing your photos, and they’ll be able to meet your deadlines easily and seamlessly.

Are you ready to invest in a Fort Worth photographer at your company? Then contact the team at Image Alive today. We’d be glad to help with your product photos, lifestyle shots, headshots or any other photography needs you may have.