This is a brief showcase of our experience with golf-related asset creation over the years.



In 2019 we re-shot Ben Hogan’s entire website under their art-direction. They also started exploring 360 spin photography and now have one spin of every club.

The idea is that you can create a lot of fun assets out of a spin session and have users can interact with the clubs online. When I think about how picky golfers can be, I know this could be a powerful tool for the companies selling the clubs.



We also shoot for a lot of small businesses in the golf industry like this multi-tool company. The smaller guys tend to give us the opportunity to create more content through various mediums like video production, social media, animations, etc.



These are some assets we created out of the spins for Hogan. With 360 spin technology now being so widely adopted, you can have it work on every device, every time. It can easily be implemented into any website and users can interact with their fingers, pinch to zoom in on a detail and even flip the club around to look at it in a standing position like they would at the store. We are currently installing a new 360 viewer into our back-end system so I made these videos for reference.