The Problems with Using an Amateur Fort Worth Photographer

The Problems with Using an Amateur Fort Worth Photographer

Instead of hiring a professional Fort Worth photographer to handle their headshots, product images, website photos and other visuals, many business owners opt to cut corners, and choose an amateur photographer instead. They might have someone on their staff do it, they might seek out a friend who enjoys photography, or they’ll find anyone else that has an iota of experience and will do the job for cheap.

Unfortunately, while the up-front price tag may be lower, using an amateur rather than a professional Fort Worth photographer can cost you significantly more in the end. It can hurt your sales, it can affect your brand image and reputation, and it can even cut down on your customer satisfaction if you’re not careful.

Are you considering using an amateur photographer for your company’s photo needs? Here are just a few of the problems you may experience if you do:

  • It will make you look unprofessional – Sure, using an amateur will save money, but do you really want your business to have an “amateur” look? Do you really want less-than-perfect product photos? Do you want banner images that aren’t as powerful and crisp as they should be? Few consumers want to do business with an amateur company. They want to buy from someone who knows what they’re doing, someone who delivers high-quality products , and someone who is an absolute expert in their field. Amateur photos just won’t do the trick.
  • It will hurt your sales – Images play a large part in online product sales. It’s how customers evaluate whether a product meets their needs and if it’s worth the price tag you’re asking. Without good photos, they simply don’t have enough information to evaluate it, and they’ll start looking elsewhere to find the product they want.
  • It will take longer – With a professional Fort Worth photographer, you get to work with someone who has a set system and process for each and every step of the way. This allows them to be extremely efficient, staging, shooting and editing your photos in just a few days’ time. An amateur, one who’s not as well-versed in the industry, will take much longer. That means it’s longer ‘til you can get your site up, it’s longer ‘til you can start taking online sales, and it’s longer ‘til you can make money.
  • It will hurt customer satisfaction and increase return rates – Poor photos just don’t allow customers to evaluate a product the way they need to. Because of this, many times, when the product arrives at the door, it doesn’t meet their needs or just isn’t what they were expecting. That means a higher return rate and an unhappy customer – neither of which are good for business.

Unfortunately, these are just a few of the adverse effects you’ll see if you choose an amateur photographer for your company’s photos. Want to avoid them? Then call Image Alive, and hire a professional Fort Worth photographer with experience. We’ll even give you a free consultation to start!