Product Videos Can Increase Your Conversions

Product Videos Can Increase Your Conversions

We mentioned before that having great product videos and 360 photos on your site can help increase sales and customer interest. But what we haven’t done is give the cold, hard proof. Today’s we’re going to do just that. We’re going to reveal some real-life online retailers who have implemented product videos and that actual conversion bumps they saw as a result.

Here are just a few retailers who have used product videos to increase their conversions:

  • Zappos – While not all products on Zappos’ website have videos, a good many do. And for those, the company has seen a jump in conversions and sales of 6 to 30 percent on every one.
  • Ariat – An equestrian retailer, Ariat began implementing videos on select products just last year. The result? A conversion rate jump of a whopping 160 percent!
  • Stacks and Stacks – This home goods retailer uses product videos sparingly, but when it does it delivers real results: according to the company, conversion rates are 144 percent higher on items with product videos.
  • Simply Piste – Simply Piste, a ski equipment retailer, recently began adding demo videos on many of its products. The videos paid off, and conversion rates jumped 25 percent for products with associated videos.

While some retailers saw more success with product videos than other, one thing rang true for all four: conversions increased. And even a 25 percent increase in conversions can mean a huge difference in sales. Say you do $100,000 in sales a month. With a 25 percent conversion jump, you could be making $125,000 instead. Over a year, that adds up to $300,000 total! Who can argue with results like that?

Are you ready to improve your site’s conversions and increase sales exponentially? Then it’s time to consider product videos for some (or all) of your products. Contact Image Alive Studios to schedule a free consultation and to learn more today.