Can You Handlebar Spotlight


Every now and again we like to shine the spot light on a client.  One reason we do what we do is because we get to be apart of the success stories of other businesses.  How cool to be an ingredient in the formula that helps people provide jobs, create ideas, build brands and reach goals?!

Lifestyle Photography Studio

CYHB has the seat today, they sell beard care products (if you couldn't tell by the name).  Since we started shooting for them, they have grown from a one man team to a full production facility, staffing a large team and being sold in hundreds if not thousands of stores across the world.  Art Of Shaving just picked them up and they haven't looked back.

Right before their sprint, Doug came into the studio and we were chatting about the direction of the business and how our photography has helped.  We naturally stuck a camera in front of him, attached a mic to his beard and asked him to go again.  You can watch that out on our testimonial page.

Head over to to check them out - tell them we say hi.  If you have a similar story you'd be willing to share with us, please do!  They motivate and inspire us to improve and create. 

- Aiden