4 Ways to Successfully Merchandise Your Ecommerce Products

4 Ways to Successfully Merchandise Your E-commerce Products

Buying a domain name and throwing up a few products will give you an e-commerce store in theory, but will it be a successful one? Probably not. If you want your online store to make a splash, then there’s one major area you need to focus on, and that’s merchandising. Merchandising is the key to making any store a success. In the end, it's what makes customers want, need, and ultimately, buy your e-commerce products rather than products from another retailer.

Need help merchandising your own e-commerce products? Try these four tips on for size:

  1. Offer detailed, high-quality product photos. When shopping online, customers are really limited on how they can evaluate products. They can’t touch, feel or interact with the product in person, so they’re forced to use photos, copy and other details to make their buying decision. For this reason, your product photos are extremely important. If you want to bring in sales and increase revenues, make sure your product photos are clear, crisp and, most importantly, highly detailed so that customers can get all the information they need to make a decision.
  2. Show it in use. Another great way to demonstrate just how great your e-commerce products are is to show them in use. If you sell soccer balls, show a professional athlete kicking one of your products into a goal. If you sell shirts, show a girl wearing one of your shirts to a party and having a great time. These types of photos don’t just show the products in a great light, they also make them relatable, and they make customers see and feel exactly how those products can integrate into their own lives.
  3. Supplement with 360 images or videos. In addition to your product photos, consider offering up even more information for your customers through videos and 360 degree images. These can allow viewers to see your products live and in action, and they can let them zoom in, flip over and interact with the product in a way that’s just not possible with static photos. In the end, it can make a huge difference on your conversions.
  4. Pair it with other e-commerce products. Showing your e-commerce products in use with other products on your store is also a great way to increase sales – not just on one product, but on both.  Here’s an example: say you sell cameras. In your product photos, have the cameras set up on a tripod or with a strap or travel bag your store carries. This will help increase sales across the board, and it will give customers a good idea of how your products are used and integrated.

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